As any dentist rowville will tell you, a healthy smile is crucial. Healthy smiles not only look more attractive, but they also help to prevent overall health concerns. Since recent research studies have found direct links between gum disease and certain heart conditions, it is crucial people seek dental treatment on a regular basis so they can rest assured their smile health is protected. With proper oral care practices and regular dental visits, a person can have a beautiful and healthy smile for life.

There are warning signs that may alert a person they need dental care from the dental clinic rowville:

Gums that are painful and bleed need to be checked by the dentist as soon as possible. These are often signs of gingivitis and should not be ignored. If treatment is not enacted, the condition could worsen and cause periodontal disease to develop. Since gum disease can affect the heart, it is important these warning signs are heeded.

Tooth loss or loosening of teeth can be signs of gum disease or osteoporosis, which causes bone loss. To prevent widespread tooth loss, a person needs to be treated by the family dentist rowville. The sooner treatment is started, the less likely permanent damages will continue.

If a person finds recurring mouth sores, lumps or white patches in their mouth, this could mean cancer is present. People should have oral health screenings carried out on a regular basis to protect their health.


Bad breath could be a sign of poor oral care practices, but it could also mean more. Halitosis can result from chronic dry mouth, sinus infections, lung infections, diabetes, kidney disease, decay in the teeth and infections. When bad breath does not respond to brushing and flossing, the issue needs to be checked by the dentist.

Pitting, dark spots, and white spots on a tooth could be a sign decay is present. Teeth need to be checked to find any cavities so they can be filled. Fillings help to prevent further decay from occurring and can prevent the spread of decay to other teeth.

People who notice any of these oral health warnings need to see their dentist right away. Though many oral health concerns can be found and treated during preventative care appointments, it is important people are proactive and take control of their oral health by heeding warning signs so the dentist rowville can treat their condition. With proper dental care, major oral health concerns can be avoided.